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Welcome to the Joe Flanigan Info & Photo Community.

This community is used to be the LiveJournal branch of the Joe Flanigan Info & Photo Page site. Since the site has officially closed due to circumstance.

Now the community is just a place anyone willing to post any news, con reports, fan art, fan fiction, or anything they would like to share with their fellow Joe Flanigan fans as long as it is in the realm of good taste and inoffensive to others.

Now onto more boring stuff...

Posting Rules:

1. RESPECT EACH OTHER! I will NOT tolerate ANY bashing, put downs, or flaming of any kind on this community. If I see any name calling or rude comments to any members inside or outside of the community, the community, the site, other sites, other fans, Joe Flanigan, any other actors...etc. I WILL delete the offensive posts and BAN you. I’m sure this won’t happen, because I have faith in my members new and old. =P

2. LJ-CUT IS YOUR BFF (BEST FRIEND FOREVER)! An LJ-cut basically condenses large posts, such as fics, massive amounts of fan art i.e. wallpapers, icons, and such into a link. If you don’t know how to make an LJ-cut or want more information, click here. LJ cuts are a common courtesy and will be greatly appreciated those who are on dial-up.

3. Along the lines of LJ-cut. Please put ANY SPOILER information for the current airing seasons for Stargate: Atlantis and Stargate: SG-1 behind an LJ-cut. Especially since the airing dates for episodes all over the world are different.

4. Since I encourage you all the post your icons, wallpapers, fan art, and fanfic here are some ground rules for posting images and fanfics.

Image posting rules:

  • Please state whether or not you are giving permission for Joe Flanigan Info & Photo Page to use the image(s). If you don’t, I might just end up asking you anyway. =P
  • Larger images such as wallpapers, or multiple screen caps, or even mass amounts of LJ-icons should be behind an LJ-cut as noted in the previous rule.
  • For icons: if you are posting more than four icons, feel free to leave the first three out, but please put the remainder under a cut for reason stated above.

Fan fiction posting formats:

Author's Notes:

< lj-cut text="FIC UNDER THE CUT">
< /lj-cut >

I'm open to any fics and pairings anyone wants to post as long as it deals with our favorite character, John Sheppard or any other characters Joe Flanigan has played in his acting career. Just remember to RESPECT each other and each other's preferences.

Enough with the blah blah blah boring stuff and onto more important things like obsessing appreciating Joe Flanigan. *wink*

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